Presentation of "Arte Italiana FP.IT M" (Millesimus)

Presentazione e caratteristiche della M e delle iniziative ad essa collegate.
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Presentation of "Arte Italiana FP.IT M" (Millesimus)

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We have reached the milestone of 1,000 registered users.
Almost exactly a year ago, on 26th of March 2012, we reached the milestone of 500 users and today that number has doubled. March seems to be the elective month for the achievement of goals of this Forum. I never had any doubt about the best way to celebrate this important event.
During last months, several proposals were made on how to celebrate this milestone.
Honestly, after celebrating the 500 members with FP500 fountain pen, it would take something more than a simple new ink or a pen case. The ideal solution would be to create a special pen with a brand that has made the Italian fountain pen history.
But not only: it should have been a proud Italian brand.
Thinking about these things I've found a brand that has got all these features: OMAS.
The reason why I thought of Omas is really simple to explain.
In a time of great economic crisis like this, it is really sad to see that a lot of glorious Italian companies are moving their production to other countries. In this context, Omas represents an extraordinary exception as the major proportion of the company's property is Chinese but the entire production, from design to manufacture, is completely Italian.
Omas has retained its identity, maintaining the whole production in Bologna, although since the year 2000 the company was acquired by foreign owners.
It has been easy to choose the right model in their catalogue, to better represent the history of Omas and of Italian fountain pen design, showing the pleasure of writing, the perfect weight balance and the excellent relationship between size and weight.
So, if a milesone is expected, a milestone has to be, with its beautiful engraved Roman number.

I present to you OMAS ARTE ITALIANA FP.IT M (Millesimus).





This Special Edition pen, dedicated to the celebration of the 1000th registered Forum member, is characterised by its dark blue color and by the engraving on the cap. The construction material is the exclusive patented OMAS cotton resin.
The ruthenium finish clip (gunmetal) presents the classical wheel for an easy wearability.
All the finishes in ruthenium color perfectly match the blue cotton resin: clip, Greek style seal and the last band between barrel and blind cap.
The model we have chosen, in the collection "Arte Italiana", is a faithful reproduction of the fountain pen designed by Armando Simoni in 1931. The twelve facets are inspired by antique Doric columns and today, after more than 80 years since 1931, the Arte Italiana Collection represents the icon of OMAS manufacturer. The reinterpretation of the fountain pen chosen to celebrate our prestigious milestone, dates back to the early 80's and the manufacturing process still follows faithfully the same steps of thirty years ago.
The central band is still produced with the same machinery, the clamping of all bands is strictly done manually and the resin polishing takes advantage of the same tools and it is once manually performed. A piston filling system is adopted. The nib is realized in solid titanium with a matte finishing surface, while the nib design is still the exclusive one created by OMAS in 1983; the nib will be available only in Medium and Fine size. The Medium size can be considered a Medium/Broad and the Fine one as a Medium/Fine.

The price is symbolic, as the fountain pen costs only 135 euro plus VAT. Pen price do not include shipping and customs duties for non EU countries.

Only registered members can order this pen.

The shipping cost by UPS express courier is:
30 euros for E.U. countries for each pen;
50 euros for non E.U. countries for each pen.
Deliveries will start in June as we need to collect orders and communicate them to the producer.

Payment can be done by the following methods:
- Bank transfer
- credit card (Visa/Mastercard).

The deadline date for orders is April 30th.

Binding reservations can be made by sending me a private message (to send me private messages, please click on MP button under my profile at the right top of this post).
The following informations are indispensable and must be communicated to proceed to check out: (PLEASE BE SURE TO INDICATE ALL DATA AS FOLLOWS)
• name
• fiscal code (for billing purposes)
• delivery address and/or, if different, billing address
• Email
• Valid phone number to be called by the courier for any delivery problems
• number of pens required and nib sizes (max 3 pens per user).

Finally, I would like to thank Luca Baglione, Omas Sales & Brand Manager, for his kindness and for all the support provided to make this dream come true.

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